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November 11, 2022

Introducing Gumcrm - The CRM for Gumroad creators

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Introducing Gumcrm - The CRM for Gumroad creators

Understand your audience by tagging your customers by Products bought, Memberships, Revenue, Locations, and more.


Why Gumcrm?

Gumroad email tool is fantastic, but sometimes you want to segment your audience in a more granular way.

Some examples of segments you can create using Gumcrm:

  • People who have purchased a product but not a membership.
  • Contacts from the United Kindom that have not rated your product.
  • Customers who have generated you $501-$1,000 in revenue.
  • Members who have been subscribers for 6 months.
  • People who have bought X product but not Y product.

And more... try it for free!

Segment your Gumroad Customers

Gumcrm analyzes your Gumroad sales (downloadable here in .csv format) and tags your contacts accordingly.

Here's a list of all the tags automatically created:

  • customer-all
  • customer-one-time
  • customer-member
  • customer-top-3
  • customer-top-10
  • customer-top-50
  • member-active
  • member-cancelled
  • member-churned
  • member-monthly
  • member-yearly
  • member-quarterly
  • member-biannually
  • membership-1-month
  • membership-2-months
  • ...
  • membership-1-year
  • membership-2-years
  • revenue-$0
  • revenue-$1-$100
  • revenue-$101-$500
  • revenue-$501-$1000
  • revenue-$1k-$2k
  • revenue-$2k-$5k
  • revenue-$5k-$10k
  • revenue-$10k-$20k
  • ...
  • revenue-refunded
  • payment-card
  • payment-paypal
  • interactions-has-rated
  • interactions-has-not-rated
  • interactions-email-subscriber
  • interactions-email-do-not-contact
  • has-bought-product-X
  • has-not-bought-product-Y

Email Marketing

After you've created an account and imported your sales, you can start creating segments.

You need to create a Postmark account ($10/m - 10k emails/m) to send emails to your segments.

Gumcrm will track:

  • Deliveries
  • Opens
  • Clicks
  • Unsubscribes
  • Bounces

Don't worry, you cannot send emails to your already email-unsubscribed Gumroad customers.


Gumcrm has a free tool to analyze your sales + audience here, but if you want to save your contacts, create segments and send emails, you need to subscribe to one of our plans:

  • Basic: $9/month or $90/year - 500 contacts - Send emails
  • Pro: $39/month or $390/year - Unlimited contacts - Send emails

Let me know what you'd like to see next!

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